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Types of Safety Shields

Safety shields for flanges are most frequently specified, followed by shields for valves. From the standpoint of safety, all pipe joints are critical, since a sprayout can occur at any connection. However, the likelihood of a sprayout is greatest from flanges because their use outnumbers all other connections. Should a leak become uncontrolled, the consequences can be devastating.

RAMCO® Safety Shields are manufactured for all pipe connections such as:

Valves of All Kinds
Expansion Joints
Flow Meters
Hose Couplings
Heat Exchangers
Pressure Vessels
Customized Connections
Tube Fittings

RAMCO® Safety Shields can be divided into three groups:

Spra-Gard® Safety Shields
Econo-Gard® Safety Shields
Metal Safety Safety Shields

Each group, in turn, contains shields that are manufactured from different materials — a total of eight are currently available. Each type can be fabricated in any size to accommodate the pipe system. While this selection is sufficient to handle virtually all applications, special safety shields can be customized on request.

One major difference among the wide variety of RAMCO® Safety Shields is temperature resistance. Up to 140°F (60°C) Econo-Gard® Shields are recommended, whereas TFE Spra-Gard® Shields resist temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). Beyond this, Metal Shields are required, demonstrating heat resistance as high as 2650°F (1454°C). Although there are situations in which higher temperatures occur, RAMCO® Safety Shields are not suitable for these environments.

RAMCO® Safety Shields are available in all piping standards (ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS, etc.) and can be customized for special sizes and configurations.


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