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Specialized RAMCO® Safety Shields

In addition to a full product-line of Spra-Gard®, Econo-Gard® and Metal Safety Shields, RAMCO® produces shields that provide protection under special plant conditions:

Expando-Gard® Shields
Metal Drain-Gard® Shields
Lined Drain-Gard® Shields
Vue-Drain-Gard® Shields
PPL (Vue) Drain-Gard® Shields
Vue-Gard® Shields for Flow Indicators
PPL (Vue)-Gard® Shields for Flow Indicators

Expando-Gard® Safety Shields

The most frequently ordered Expando-Gard® Shield is fabricated of TFE, followed by the “See-Thru” Vue-Gard®, the PPL (Vue)-Gard®, and then, PPL. These are the only materials in which Expando-Gard® Shields are manufactured.

Expansion joints are important integral parts of piping systems but they have a tendency to leak and to create sprayouts with disquieting frequency. These joints may have convolutions of rubber, plastic or stainless steel, and Expando-Gard® Shields are suitable for all three types, regardless of manufacturer.

Effective shielding of an expansion joint must envelop the piping connection and must, at the same time, have the ability to retain its position firmly, even when exposed to intense pressure, as in the case of a surging leak.

A flange has a fixed configuration and accordingly, to design a shield with a tight fit is relatively simple. In contrast, an expansion joint expands, contracts and misaligns. The RAMCO® Expando-Gard® Shield provides for these dimensional changes without inhibiting the motion of this device. This innovative shield wraps around and fits snuggly over the joint, providing the needed protection in the event of a hazardous chemical leak.

An early leak can be detected by the indicating patch on the Expando-Gard® Shield (except for the “see-thru” Shields). This patch changes color immediately on exposure to an acid or base. As with all RAMCO® Shields, the materials that are used in the manufacture of the Expando-Gard® Shields are non-flammable and non-combustible, including the tie-cords.

Expando-Gard® Shields may be produced for any pipe size or may be customized to any non-standard specification. To fabricate Expando-Gard® Shields of any RAMCO® material, the following information is required:

Face-to-Face of the expansion joint (nominal length)
Pipe size
Number of convolutions
Number of limit bolts (control rods)

These unique, specialized shields are installed with ease, and just as with flange safety shields, no tools are required.

This RAMCO® Safety Shield has been recognized as contributing significantly to the advancement of safety in chemical processing. It was given the National John C. Vaaler Award as “a major contribution toward more efficient and effective operation of plants in the chemical processing industries”.

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