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Installing a RAMCO® Safety Shield is both simple and rapid, usually requiring less than a minute. Whether a shield is placed over a flange, valve or fitting, the method of installation is the same.

The complete line of RAMCO® Shields, produced from either thermoplastics or metals, are wraparounds. The difference between the two groups is the method of securing them on the pipe connection or valve. Fabric shields are fastened securely by tie-down cords; whereas, metal shields are held firmly in place by metal screws or bands.

All shields are shipped directly from the RAMCO® plant ready for installation. Each package of shields includes installation instructions for quick reference. Thermoplastic shields require no tools for installation, and metal shields need only the use of a Phillips screwdriver.

Installing Thermoplastic Safety Shields

Incorporated within each RAMCO® thermoplastic shield is a velcro fastener that holds the shield in place over a flange, pipe connection or valve allowing installation of the shield by a single worker in less than a minute.

Installation steps are as follows:

Wrap the safety shield tightly around the flange, valve or fitting. 
Press the two portions of the velcro fastener together to close the shield.

Pull the tie cords together tightly on each side, take one or two turns around the pipe and fasten over the pipe with a square knot.


In the event of a leak, a square knot tightens when subjected to pressure, avoiding the risk that the shield loosens and slides off the fitting or valve. If incorrectly tied, a granny knot results and under pressure, this knot becomes untied allowing the shield to be ineffective in preventing a sprayout.

Do not cut the tie cords but tuck them between the flange and shield.

Installing Metal Shields

Installation instructions are as follows:

1. Loosen the two sheet metal screws.
2. Wrap the safety shield around the flange, valve or fitting.
3. Place the two screws through the slots provided in the shield. The shield is positioned correctly but fits loosely.
4. Press the ends of the shield firmly together so the shield fits tightly around the connection or valve.
5. Secure the shield by tightening the screws using a Phillips screwdriver.
6. Bend back the flap of the shield 180° to lock.

That's It in a Nut Shell For Installing RAMCO® Safety Shields ...

These unique safety devices installed over flanges, pipe fittings and valves contribute to a safe work environment. In the event of a leak, the indicating patch in each thermoplastic shield (except the "See-Thru" Shields, of course) will turn color signaling an alert. These shields will contain and deflect temporarily the escaping hazardous, toxic chemical, and thereby, mitigate the effects of a potentially devastating sprayout.

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